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OCP Ltd offers the highest standards in contract research. In addition to the highest quality data we offer a fast and efficient service.

Fulfilling your specific research needs

Listening to your needs and providing a fully flexible service

OCP Ltd we take pride in our flexible approach to reasearch, treating each client as individuals. By encouraging discussion with the client we can ensure that each individual project meets your specific needs. We are experts in developing specialist applications required by the customer. For example we have considerable expertise in isolating and recording from myocytes isolated from any region of the heart (e.g. sub-endocardial, sub-epicardial regions).

Specialists in cardiac research

With over 20 years experience in academic research within the University we offer a wide range of contract research services using a variety of cardiac preparations that include:

Pharmacological profiling

  • Repolarisation assays in Purkinje fibres
  • Repolarisation assays in ventricular myocytes
  • Voltage-clamp studies of specific ion currents in single ventricular myocytes e.g.:
                            Calcium current
                            Sodium current
                            Potassium currents
  • hERG channel assay (expressed in HEK293 cells)
  • Native IKr channel assay in cardiac myocytes
  • Papillary muscle preparations
  • Atrial muscle preparations
  • Isolated Langendorff heart preparations
  • Gap Junctional current
    (measured in cell pairs)
a photomicrograph of a single ventricular myocyte

Drug Development

  • Specific Ion Channel assays
    (ICa, IKr, IKs, INa.
    Gap Junctional conductance)


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