CCTT Ltd move to the Oxford Science Park

January 2006

CCTT Ltd are moving to new bespoke laboratory space in the Medawar building on the Oxford Science Park
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News and Views

February 2006

Industry Article:

The isolated ventricular myocyte: A novel model of QT prolongation.
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Setting standards for the investigation of drug effects on cardiac tissue

Specialists in Cardiac Research

OCP Ltd specialises in carrying out the tests that are now required by drug regulatory authorities to assess the potential of new pharmaceuticals to cause delayed ventricular repolarisation; a process that is associated with QT prolongation and an increased propensity to induce cardiac arrhythmias.

Focusing on yours Specific Research needs

OCP Ltd's expertise is based on more than twenty years experience with a variety of electrophysiological techniques. We specialise in microelectrode and patch-clamp recording applied to:

Repolarisation assay using ventricular myocytes

Pharmacological profiling

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IKr measured in a ventricular myoctye is the naitive fom of hERG

Drug Development

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Whilst OCP specialises in the above techniques we also offer additional contract research services using a variety of other cardiac preparations such as isolated atria and papillary muscle preparations. The OCP development program is designed to develop new assay procedures that fit your needs.

Listening to your needs: A Flexible service

OCP Ltd has a flexible approach and would be very happy to discuss any specialist applications required by the customer. For example we have considerable expertise in isolating and recording from myocytes isolated from any region of the heart (e.g. sub-endocardial, sub-epicardial regions).

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